Can you fit inside the door?

LiveMusicFriday Night Live at Medici’s is getting HUGE. Host Marcel Morneau is starting to hav trouble getting all the performers on in one night. Two weeks ago Elyssa and Spencer blew the room away with their cabaret style violin/guitar performance.. We have some great local performers and a growing throng of open mic regulars. We crank up the music shortly after 7:00. Come join Rollie, Joe 5-0, Mathew, Sasha ,Saradaye, Evelyn and sink into some music and fun.

Bring your instrument, bring the music inside you and come be part of the nights sounds. We are licensed. We have beer, wine, coffees with a kick and our usual great appie platters and sweet treats. Friday Aug 22nd at 7:00 PM. 522 Fairview Road. 250-498-2228. Cover at the door? No chance!!