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Black Orchid Photography strives to capture and deliver the highest quality photographs for our clients, while focusing on the genuine moments of life that are often fleeting and quickly forgotten. We promise to give the utmost level of service to each client, while respecting individual needs. Our hope is to develop a personal connection that supports an ongoing and long-lasting working relationship.


We absolutely love people! And we love learning what makes them tick, how their relationships work, and what brings them joy! So our objective in our portrait photography is quite simple…to capture a photograph or a series of photographs that tells the story of who you are and what you love at this moment in your life.

To succeed in this we will work with you on choosing a location because we believe the best shots are taken when you are comfortable and in your element, whether that’s in your home, at your favorite park, or walking around the downtown area of your hometown. We will also guide you through choosing the time of day and type of lighting that will create the best look for your photos.

Mostly, we want you to relax and have fun! Often, we take a combination of posed and candid shots, creating a meaningful repertoire of the emotions felt, interactions experienced, and memories created during our session. We enjoy talking with you and getting to know what you are looking for from your session, and usually end up joking around! Don’t be surprised if we have you jumping up and down, swinging each other around, laying on the ground laughing, or striking a fun pose. So let us do the work, and you just enjoy the ride!

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