Board Meeting Minutes – June 2009



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Quail’s Nest Arts Centre


Present: Esther Brown (President), Stephanie Salsnek (Vice President/ FCA Liaison), Penelope Johnson (Secretary/SOCS Liaison), Jack Bennest (Treasurer/FOTOL Liaison), Heather Fink (Finance Committee, Sage Valley Voices Liaison), Sally Franks (Rentals, Desert Sage Spinners & Weavers Liaison), Jan Kreut (Member Group Publicity), Brian Mapplebeck (Country Market A-Fair Liaison), Jennifer Mapplebeck (SOAP Liaison), Steve Staresina (Operations, Oliver Sagebrushers Liaison)

 Regrets: Linda Blaschuk (Rotary Auction, Oliver Arts and Crafts Sale Liaison), Penny Ruddy (Finance Committee, Double O Quilters Liaison)

1. CALL TO ORDER: E. Brown called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.


MOTION: That the agenda for the Board meeting of May 20, 2009 be adopted as written.
Moved: S. Salsnek Seconded: J. Mapplebeck Carried


MOTION: That the minutes of the Board meeting on April 15, 2009 be adopted as written.
Moved: J. Bennest Seconded: J. Mapplebeck Carried


The Board signed a get well card for Linda Blaschuk. S Franks will deliver.  Water meter installation letter from Neptune was given to Operations Steve Staresina.


(a) Financial Statement:

Total Value of Accounts = $37,455.86 The OCAC is moving into spending season, so this balance will drop considerably as summer programs become active.

In the month’s activity, the $5000 supplement from the BC Arts Council was rolled into a GIC/Term deposit, to be held for 2009-2010 programming.

MOTION: That the Treasurer’s report dated May 31, 2009 be approved and further that the actions taken by the Treasurer on behalf of the Society be authorized and the bills be paid.
Moved: J. Bennest Seconded: S. Salsnek Carried

(b) GST: $219 was received in the GST rebate of 2007-08. The Treasurer noted that unless there are major expenditures, such as capital renovations, applying for the GST rebate can be more work than reward. Reminder: In order to claim GST, the arts council must also charge GST on all items for sale.

 ACTION: J. Bennest will investigate when we can expect to receive the 2008/2009 GST rebate, and how much.

 (c) Fiscal Year End:

J. Bennest recommended a change to the fiscal year end. Currently the year end occurs in the middle of our programming season, when we are at the peak of our revenue from our sponsors, and when volunteer time is at a premium. It might make more sense to close our fiscal year after that period rather than in the middle of the period, both in terms of expending volunteer effort and in terms of having our books more accurately reflect the major expense period.

 ACTION: J. Bennest will contact the Canada Revenue Agency (Charities Division) and BC Arts Council re: what is required to change our year end from August 31 to December 31.

 A change in fiscal year requires a bylaw change and thus a general meeting. Once Bennest reports to the Board, the Board will decide if and when a general meeting should occur.

(a) Sound Equipment: H. Fink and S. Franks have purchased sound equipment for $1965.47. The system includes two speakers with cables and stands, a mixer, a hand mike and mike stand, one headset mike, and a package of foam covers for the hand mike.

ACTION: H. Fink will give a thank you note and a bottle of wine to Peter DeRoche for his technical assistance helping the committee choose a system.

 (b) Search and Rescue: The Search and Rescue has received an offer of secure storage area for free in the industrial park, so has declined the OCAC offer.


(a) Finance Committee: The DAP Grant listed on Gaming Commission website as “in process”. Once listed as “complete” we can call and inquire for results or wait two weeks for the letter.

 (b) Fundraising:

i) Kiwanis Mural: The Kiwanis Club of Oliver has approved a $3000 donation to the OCAC in return for our work creating a mural on the Kiwanis Market building. Jan Kreut, Steve Staresina, and Arvie Bourgeault will work in stages to paint the original Kiwanis logo and add some new artwork on the sides. They will work mostly through June and July.

ACTION: J. Kreut will ask Kiwanis to defer their cheque to the OCAC’s next fiscal year, since we have a surplus of funds on the books for this year.

ii) Penticton Concert Band:

MOTION: That the OCAC pursue a fund raising concert with the Penticton Concert Band
Moved: B. Mapplebeck Seconded: S. Franks Carried.

J. Mapplebeck has volunteered to co-ordinate the publicity for the band concert.

ACTION: J Mapplebeck will book the Venables Auditorium for Friday December 11.

ACTION: J Mapplebeck will submit an expense budget for concert to help the OCAC calculate ticket prices and surplus donation.

 (c) Operations: Roof, Work Party, Volunteer Hours

(i) Roof Repair: The roof repair was completed today by S. Staresina, B. Mapplebeck and L. Pedersen. Only some flashing needs to be added.

S. Staresina has negotiated a reduction in the roof materials from $4800 to $3206.

ACTION: S. Staresina will keep photocopies of all receipts for the DAP file.

(ii) Spring Work Party: The party, mostly members of the Oliver Sagebrushers, removed insulation from the bay doors, weeded, planted flowers, and sanded Big Blue windows ready for painting.

(iii) Volunteer Hours: Physical plant hours will be recorded outside the Studio office, making special separate note of any hours volunteered for DAP grant renovations.

ACTION: S. Staresina will update the mode of record keeping for physical plant hours, with assistance from H. Fink generating the new signup sheet.

ACTION: H. Fink will record hours volunteered by programme committee members and administration using the self-report method.

Discussion re: celebrating and recognizing volunteers. While celebrating volunteers was agreed to be important, there was caution re: missing (and offending) someone who did not get a certificate of appreciation or win a volunteer of the month award.

(iv) Landscaping: Sunscape Xeriscaping will put together a simple plan and a quote.

Ryan Kendrick has offered to supervise a work party of volunteers, if we purchase plants from Sagebrush Nursery and pay for his time.

ACTION: S. Franks will speak to Lloyd Park re: $200 bill erroneously received from employee John Birnie for a contracted quote.

 (d) Publicity:

ACTION: E. Brown will set up a meeting with the publisher of the Oliver Chronicle, Robert Doull

 (e) Performance: The Penny Buhr Johnson Coffee House Concert is on Thurs June 25 at 7:00 p.m. $10 at the door. Music in the Park is booked for July and August.

 (f) Summer Studio: Russell Work has booked a photography week in August.

 (g) Fall Art Show: The committee of S Franks, E. Brown and S Salsnek will meet to plan the event. The hall has already been booked at $279.83 (30% off regular rate) for the Saturday, and $375.00 (30% off commercial rate) for the Sunday.


(a) Contracted Service Agreements:


MOTION: That the Board approve the Contracted Services Agreement application submitted by

the South Okanagan Concert Society and authorize the disbursement of $500.

Moved: J. Bennest ` Seconded: J. Kreut Carried


MOTION: That the Board approve the Contracted Services Agreement application submitted by

the Desert Sage Spinners and Weavers and authorize the disbursement of $500.

Moved: S. Salsnek Seconded: S. Staresina Carried


(b) Nominating Committee

ACTION: J. Bennest will volunteer to be on the Nominating committee and will ask L. Petersen to join the committee.


(a) Dates:

Arts Jam!  Monday June 29  6:00 p.m.  QNAC

Board Meeting  Wednesday July 22  5:30 p.m.  QNAC – BB

Arts Jam!  Monday July 27  9:30 a.m.  QNAC



MOTION: That the meeting be adjourned, at 7:35 p.m.

Moved: E. Brown Carried.