Best summer combo? Gelato, music and a side of laughs

Summer and gelato are meant to go together. Drop into Medici’s Gelateria for a whole variety of tasty treats and some of the best coffees around. Wonderful lunch menu too. Be sure to bring your guests this summer!

And what could make this even better? Another great concert!  Wacky musical comedians Kenny Shaw and Brian Temple have merged their unpredictable and zany antics to form a high-powered comedy duo aimed directly at the funny bone of baby boomer audiences. Coming Friday July 27 at 7:30 p.m. at Medici’s. $20 /person. Pick up your tickets while you savour  your gelato.  

 Both of these music veterans have been performing for decades and are celebrated entertainers in their home region of the Pacific Northwest. Their musical tributes are not only gut achingly funny, but delivered with the kind of high calibre musicality you’d expect from more serious concert musicians.

As long time friends, Kenny and Brian have great respect for each other’s talent over the years and had even occasionally shared the same stage. It wasn’t until they actually played together as a band that they stumbled upon the unexpected compatibility of harmony, musical preferences and humour. Having the outrageous “class clown antics” of Kenny unexpectedly spun around by subtlety of Brian’s dry “didn’t see that coming” humour, has brought a whole new dynamic to what they both enjoy performing: parodies, skits, and hits by the harmony duos of the fifties and sixties. Their hilarious floorshow has brought standing ovations from sold out shows, and there are plenty more halls, country clubs, festivals and fairs on the horizon.

The humour and parody of this musical comedy duo is outrageously funny, and wielded with great skill. Kenny and Brian deliver an act tailored for all occasions that will appeal to audiences from all walks of life. Although there are plenty of unexpected laughs waiting, one thing is sure. You’ll never remember the harmony duos of the Baby Boomer generation the same way again