Before you “Go”, Go to the Library

The Friends of the Oliver Library enliven your library experience with a variety of presentations on Wednesday nights throughout the year. Sometimes it’s a travelogue to an exotic country. Sometimes it’s introducing you to new technology to jazz up your reading. Sometimes it’s a small performance.  Sometimes it’s a guest speaker with professional advice.

On Wednesday January 23rd at 7:00 PM, come to the Oliver Regional Library with your questions about “What You Need to Do Before You Go”.

Learn why you need to do certain things and prepare certain documents before you die, why you need an executor or someone who is assigned to carry out your wishes, why you need to write down your wishes,  why you should write out a list of what assets you have and where those assets can be found, what historical / biographical information  you need to record. The presenter will explain why none of this should be in your safety deposit box and  will provide copies of checklists and forms of what to do and what to write down.

There is a long list of organizations for your family to contact after you die.  having a contact list prepared ahead of time prevents needless confusion and stress for loved ones.  Other topics include application for death benefits, dealing with common-law relationships, how to request your wish to die at home or with a “do not resuscitate” order,  and how to arrange the disposition  your estate  in the event that your executor or assignee cannot or will not do this. In other words, it is a very comprehensive coverage of what to do and why but the how to do much of it is left to the personal choice of the individual and his or her family.

The Friends of the Oliver Library  note that this presentation will not address legal questions. A presentation by a lawyer on various legal questions including  writing a will and estate planning will be arranged for later in the year.



Funeral planning that is! Topics include making a will, choosing an executor, executor responsibilities,  the many service options available, and how you can make all these decisions easier for you and your family.  Question period included. Handy checklists  available.