Beat February blahs with Art-a-Day

Terry Irvine SpinsShake off the winter doldrums and recharge your creative spirit by participating in an artistic adventure: Terry Irvine, fibre artist, invites others to join her in spirit on what has become an annual, 30-day, art renewal project.

“For the month of February,” Irvine proposes, “you will perform an artistic or creative endeavour of your choosing each day. You may want to complete a project each day, or do portions of a larger project, or something else. The good news is that the endeavours can be small, but you must have something to show for it at the end of every day.”

For the last few years, Terry has chosen February for artistic rejuvenation precisely because the month is often associated with lethargy and discouragement. The 30-day challenge is common among artists as a way to jumpstart new ideas. Much like a writer tries to get their creative juices flowing by simply typing until they write something good, this challenge inspires artists to “just do it”, without judging the results. Simply doing the art can be enough to finally arrive at something profoundly satisfying.

Terry encourages participants to try new artistic enterprises. “You need not stick to your usual, chosen media. Nor are you confined to the indoors. You work at your own pace. This is a time for experimentation, exploration and execution.” The art-a-day movement is great not only for visual artists in all media (fibre and fabric, photography, painting, pottery, sculpting, etc) but also literary and performance artists (dance, music, theatre). Do something new, each day, just for fun!

Some may wish to work on their own as an entirely personal effort, but others may welcome the encouragement of like-minded artists. If you want to join in the fun, AND want to connect with other artists via emails, blogging, photographing your results, writing a diary, or other social connection, inspiration and support, please email the arts council and we will put you in touch with Terry. olivercac @  The more the merrier!

The Art-a-Day motto is: “Inspiration exists, but it must find you working.” Pablo Picasso