Art show a shocker at Quail's Nest

norberto one“This is an excellent show! A real art statement! This show could hold its own in Toronto!” said RipOff Artist Enid Baker. “But I am not sure Oliver is ready for this”. The Artist “garcilazo” shows us the world through his eyes with powerful haunting paintings!

“Everybody suffers in the name of what, God, religion, money? Do we enjoy killing each other” he asks. “As the human race we are not evolving, but we sure know how to kill each other! We start young, we kill the souls of children with technology, as we separate them from nature”. If it bleeds it leads, is the media message we live in. Like a car wreck we slow down to see if we can see blood! We like violence! “garcilazo” proves this!

One painting that really hit me was a painting depicting the lynchings Billie Holiday sang about in the 50’s “Strange Fruit”.

Another the face is gone with just the yellow Jewish star on his shirt, Marion Boyd said “That is what happens when people hate groups of people, they don’t see an individuals face”.

This is a powerful art show! It is one to make us think. I know I am. And Oliver is ready for this! Open from 3-6 Friday and the Closing Reception 4 – 7 Saturday at the Quail’s Nest Arts Centre. Please come down and support the Artist “garcilazo”.

Photo and story Leza Macdonald. Press image for larger