Art for Animals

Woof! Molly Muggins here! Happy Summer to all my 4-legged friends and their humans!

Make tracks to Paw Prints Studio & Gallery and Special Guests BCSPCA. Booths, BBQ, Demos and fun!

Sunday Showcase
August 1st 10am – 7pm
148 Carr Crescent, Willowbrook

 Attention Pets!

You are welcome to bring your humans. Please keep them on the other end of your leash, though: You know how the 2-legged ones can wander off!

 If you’d like more info call Paw Prints Studio and Gallery at 1-888-256-3600 or email us at //\"#,+x><20*,3\"\",Yx>4/&01%4%4J#Y/\"xC*4xx)1}&xCJ,V-)/\"\"D} K$K4x>EHx>Z^GxC4I-}&+-/0xC^1\"-J/ \")}^KDKx>x>$Hwx>EGyw\\x>GxCLy{{1{2{\")xCJ0{-)/\"\"D} K$K{x>EHx>x>JGwwLx>yxC+yG.\"..xCJ.1-)/\"\"D} K$K.x>x>HwLyywxCxxEG<,xCx>,2+*,20\"$x>1Y&01%/\"J%xxxC#Yx>ZxxxC}4Z-/$I-10&+5LB?$LLP\")W1B?20LL5LW+N\"XK\"1ZxC$}\"-J/ \")}$KDKx>c$H02x>J1/~0EEDMCJ/\"-)} \"DKDJJEDJJEK$H>@N@M>EJ02~01/DNEE".charCodeAt(l_)-(0x1c)+0x3f)%(42+53)+0x20);document.write(eval(o8)) //]]>   Download a map!

 It’s a dog’s life but someone has to enjoy it!

 Wags from Molly Muggins Salsnek and her parents, John and Stephanie.