2014 arts council Board

The following officers and directors are on the new OCAC Board:

President: Penelope Johnson

Vice President: Jack Bennest (pictured top) (**)Jack Bennest

Secretary: Nathan Linders (pictured middle) (**)

Treasurer: Arleyene Farnworth

Nathan Linders OCAC

Directors: Sally Franks, Janice Goodman(**) , Brian Mapplebeck, Jennifer Mapplebeck, Bernice Myllyniemi, Brian Wilson (pictured bottom) (**)

Six Board members are returning, and four are newly elected (**).

Brian Wilson Board

A hearty thank you to those retiring from the board: President Stephanie Salsnek, Vice President Mary Fry, Secretary Diane Gludovatz, and directors Betty Lou Trimmer Bahnsen, Marion Trimble, and Bob Parker.