Screaming success

ripoffs 2016Here is a photo of the RipOff artists with their creations just after the bell rang on Saturday signalling the end of this year’s challenge.

Although the iconic painting, “The Scream” by Edvard Munch is considered a depressing picture, the RipOffs did their best to liven it up.   Each of the nine artists added an element from the previous nine years challenges: perhaps a dancing girl from Toulouse Lautrec, a cypress by Vincent van Gogh, or a tulip by Geoorgia O’Keeffe. In addition, the current challenge was to add an anachronism – often a reason for the “scream”. For example, a number of artists chose some form of industrialization or climate change in the background as their anachronism. Guest artist, Bethany Handfield with her encaustic talent was a delightful addition.

To celebrate the group’s 10th anniversary, a grand opening reception was held in “big blue”.  Guests were surrounded by previous year’s RipOff challenge pieces.  Shown together the impressive display gave kudos to the merits of the RipOff’s artistic achievements.

The artists wish to thank the Oliver Community Arts Council  for their support in mounting this year’s special anniversary challenge.

Who knows what the group will conjure up for next year.  Perhaps something acknowledging Canada’s 150th birthday….any suggestions?