FABulous DayTrippers

by David Badger

The lads are coming! I’m getting my hair cut into a Beatle do — no, really!  The Fab Four for a one night only, incredible experience from one of the most talented tribute bands around: The DayTrippers. This is going to be a truly great night. These guys pull out all the stops and hold nothing back..They have all the gear, all the looks, all the clothes, and most important of all..they’ve got the MUSIC baby! Get in here and get tickets. They are moving fast.

The Day Trippers are a Vancouver based Beatles tribute band that transport you back to the touring days of the early 1960s. The band embodies the exuberance of the early 1960’s spirit that the Beatles brought to the stage. Inspired by the mod culture and a love of blues and pop music, The Day Trippers deliver the incredible music of The Beatles at their energetic peak.
This is going to be an incredible, top-gear night. These blokes really are FAB!!! Friday, November 13 at 7:30..Tickets at $35 and available this week. We already have two hands full of ticket reservation requests so get yours quick! 522 Fairview Road in Oliver…250-498-2228…I think I can get Paul to pose for a photo with YOU…