Whatcha Got Cookin'?

The Quail’s Nest Arts Centre has seen a number of improvements this summer.  This past week kitchen cupboards, countertops,  and a stove were installed in the lunchroom area of the smaller Studio Building. Here arts council Board member Brian Mapplebeck checks out the oven.  

“THANK YOU!” to:
Colleen Polychroniou who donated the materials and appliances
Trevor Eckstein who installed the kitchen
Steve Staresina who is helping with removal of old units
Sally Franks, Esther Brown, and Linda Nunweiler who cleaned and filled the cupboards

At a later date, a second-hand dishwasher (also courtesy of Colleen Polychroniou) and a new fridge will be installed. The kitchen will also get a fresh coat of paint to complement the new look.