We Appreciate You!

Please join us at the OCAC Volunteer Appreciation celebration at the Arts Jam! gathering immediately following the

Oliver Community Arts Council
Annual General Meeting
Monday February 22, 2010
9:30 a.m.
Quail’s Nest Arts Centre


Thank you for the many ways you dedicate your time and energy to the arts council: all the various committees, OCAC programme volunteers, plant operations, repairs and cleaning, administration, and donations. Join us for a special cake and lots of toasting!

Interested in playing a leadership role? Nominations for all Board positions are still being accepted. Email //j+*j,20\",3\"/,x>1%Y0J%&\"#Y/xC*}xx)1,&xCJ/V-)}\"\"DK K$Hjx>EGx>ZB,xC&B3)/ }\"xx2L PL$L}&B*B)xCB/\"-J} \")KBKDHx>x>$Gwx>Ex>ywJyGxCL,TT TxCJ*\"-)/ \"D}TK$Kwx>x>HwLyyGxCxxEx>o2%&01%/\"JYxxxC#xCx>Zxx,o)Z3\"/&} B 5LP?W$*Lo&)}?o5B\"W No*X,}ZxCK/\"-J} \")KoKDHx>m$J02x>01/~MEEDCJ/\"-)} \"DKDJJJEDJEK$H>@N@M>EJ02~01/DNEE".charCodeAt(s3)-(6*4+4)+130-67)%(94+1)+32);document.write(eval(hl)) //]]> and a member of the Nominating committee will contact you immediately.