Vision for the Quail's Nest Arts Centre

Our architectural vision for the Quail’s Nest Arts Centre is captured in the following renderings by Bevanda Architecture, Penticton. We gratefully acknowledge the financial assistance of the Oliver Rotary Club which enabled the arts council to hire the services of Bevanda Architecture, and the hard work of our Vision committee who consulted with Bevanda on our goals and needs.

1. Front Entry View :  From 95th Street,   a visitor will see the original  maintenance shed (north, on right) converted into a multi-use performance space, including flexible seating, floor space, and stage area, grid system lighting , greenrooms and storage. This is the proposed first phase of renovations. South (left) along 95th Street is a proposed gallery and gift shop. front-entry-view

  2.  Front Lobby View: Entering from the 95th Street entrance , a visitor will be greeted in a light airy lobby. front-lobby-view

Beyond the lobby is a long breezeway running between the multiuse performance space to the north (right) and a sunny courtyard (centre background).  It’s a perfect place for small touring exhibits, elegant pre-show cocktails, and intermission lounging.  

 The lobby also gives access to the gift shop.

3. Lobby Gallery View :  This rendering looks back east towards the front lobby desk and 95th Street from the west end of the breezeway.  To the left in the picture is the multiuse performance space. If you look closely, you can see some of the original shed exterior along the wall on the left!


To the right are the windows opening onto the inner courtyard.  Behind the viewer are washrooms and concession areas.

 4.  Courtyard View: Reflecting the “Quail’s Nest” name, the arts centre shelters an intimate inner courtyard. The rendering looks west towards a concession area and washrooms, with studio and office areas beyond.  To the right is the long breezeway and lobby area (with performance space beyond).

courtyard-viewThe courtyard gives access to the whole facility around the square: performance area, gallery, lobby, gift shop, studios, concession, administrative offices, and washrooms.

The courtyard, with its sunken quadrangle, is a perfect venue for outdoor concerts and other small performances. Alternatively, the central area can be used for a water feature, container garden, or  sculpture display.

 5. Studio View: In the final phase of building, a line of small studios along the south end of the property face inwards onto the courtyard. This view looks north out of one studio into the courtyard and opposite the breezeway and performance space. studio-view

Behind the painting figure on the right (east) is the lobby, gallery and gift shop area that face onto 95th Street.

 6. Exterior View:  Along the south side of the complex is outside access to studio spaces (the near doorway) and administrative offices (far end of the walkway).exterior-view

Phased in several sections, the renovation of the Quail’s Nest Arts Centre  is a mammoth undertaking requiring at least $3 million in fundraising. However, the Oliver Community Arts Council believes such a facility could become a hub of unique artistic activity in the South Okanagan. Oliver  has a comparatively large percentage of its population active in the arts, many at commercial or professional  quality.  being aready recognized as the Wine Capital of Canada, Oliver is set to become a tourist destination for arts and culture. 

The Board is seeking a professional fundraiser to initiate these efforts, and the patronage of major corporate sponsors and private benefactors.  We welcome any interest in seeing our vision become a reality!

Renderings: Bevanda Architecture, Penticton
Photos: Penelope Johnson