This is Your Brain on Art

What is the impact of art on the brain?

Handworks Gallery exhibits fascinating and stunning works by individuals with acquired brain injury. The 15 artists represented in the exhibit attest to the success of the popular Relaxation through Art program, which encourages the brain injured to develop their artistic skills. The South Okanagan Similkameen Brain Injury Society (SOSBIS) has offered Relaxation through Art to its members since May 2000, as part of their psycho-social program. 

After acquiring a brain injury, patients are faced with physical and cognitve deficits such as loss of motor skills, reduced concentration, faulty memory, or inability to talk. They must then learn to make physical and cognitive changes in a world which often has no patience for disability. Art becomes a powerful tool to cope with stressors,  express thoughts and feelings, and improve brain function. Member artists attest that they have gained “patience, self-confidence, encouragement, friendship, and pleasure” from their artistic endeavours.  

It is a special pleasure for Handworks Gallery to be presenting the artwork of individuals who have an acquired brain injury. Ken Ballyntyne, vice chair of the SOSBIS and a brain injury survivor, adds: “What many of the participants didn’t realize is that they show real talent. The art they have produced and are showing at Handworks Gallery is indeed excellent. The show is worth your time to view it. ”

Drop by the gallery from April 6 -28 … and be prepared to be inspired!

Brain Injury Society
April 6 – 28
Gallery Hours:
Tuesday – Friday 10 – 4:30
Saturday 10 -4

Starting April 19 the gallery will be open Mondays as well, with hours every day 9:30 – 5

Handworks Gallery
35648 – 97 St.
Box 271, Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0