The storytelling "flame" comes to Oliver

storytellingOn Saturday March 2nd, at 2:30 PM, we will light The Flame of Storytelling magic at Medici’s Gelateria and Coffeehouse on Fairview Road in Oliver. A group of wonderful storytellers from all walks of city and country life will gather to tell their stories to a hungry and eager audience: that’s you!! They will tell you stories that are true, about themselves, and 10 minutes or less in length. These stories may be funny or sweet or sentimental or tragic or something completely unexpected.

The Flame was first ignited at the famous Moth Bistro in New York City, then burst into being at The Cottage Bistro in Vancouver and now will combust anew at Medici’s in Oliver on the first Saturday afternoon in March.

Our storytellers are doctors, policemen, welders, moms, dads, firemen, fallers, food servers, authors, maybe even a barista….and hopefully you! We have a good number of folks in our line-up and are about setting the day’s schedule. It’s not too late to join the fun. Got a story? If it’s true and about you, we have a mic, a lectern, a stool if you like and dozens of eager ears awaiting your tale. Let me know. There’s still time….522 Fairview Road in Oliver….250-498-2228. We start at 2:30 and there’s no entry until the break once the tales begin. We have a 72 seat capacity. Don’t miss this!