The Fox Returns to Medici’s

We were so fortunate to have Lion Bear Fox come and play for us on their tour’s return home trip in March. If you were at Medici’s then, you experienced a truly magical night of vocal mastery and great musical skills. Their performances as individual and combined vocalists were eye-closingly delicious. We have managed to lure Ryan McMahon, The Fox, back for a One Night Only special show on Wednesday, May 28th. If you catch no other show this year, catch this one and your musical year will be replete.

Ryan McMahon is an incredibly talented vocalist, musician and entertainer. As a co-founder and arguably the most ‘out front’ of the 3 very ‘out front’ guys of Lion Bear Fox, he fills not only the stage but the whole auditorium wherever he plays. Lion Bear Fox is most likely the best band in BC these days and certainly the absolute best to ever play Oliver. Ryan McMahon has and has had a huge impact on the band’s success.

Ryan has carved out a 17-year career as an independent artist in Canada’s vibrant music scene. A genre fence sitter, hanging out on the edges of country just enough to say he isn’t; Ryan is both a whisper and a scream. He has toured Canada countless times, released four full-length albums, and seen his music licensed nationally and abroad. He’s been invited to a literal horde of music festivals and major award events and has garnered 3 wins (Male Vocalist, Record & Artist of the Year) at the Vancouver Island Music Awards.
In 2012, Ryan co-founded ‘Lion Bear Fox,’ with song-writing colleagues Cory Woodward & Christopher Arruda, and the band was immediately one of the Top Finalists for the 2013 Peak Performance Project in Vancouver.

In April of 2014, Showtime’s original series, “Californication” featured the single “I’ll Be Damned,” a song that was included on “Put Me Back Together,” which came out April of ’15. On September 8th, 2017, Ryan released an EP titled “Song Shelter Recordings,” created entirely at his home studio in Ladysmith, BC.

Legendary Canadian TV/Radio personality Terry David Mulligan may have summed up Ryan best: “The complete package. Singer. Songwriter. Performer. Troublemaker. Passionate human being. For me… priceless.”

Medici’s is privileged to offer limited tickets to an assigned seating presentation on Wednesday May 28th at $25 per person. Doors at 6:30 PM, We are licensed. We are the absolute best space and intimate atmosphere for your maximum immersion experience into music of this calibre.

We are at 522 Fairview Rd in Oliver. 250-498-2228. Tickets are already going fast. Get a move on! Get yours!