Newest Business Member: Oliver Daily News

It’s membership drive season! And our newest business member is Oliver Daily News, the blog “where Oliver gets together to chat”. Many of our programme committees and member groups have been adding ODN to their list of media and advertising contacts.  Welcome ODN and publisher Jack Bennest.

A link to the blog is under our list of member businesses at right. Click on it to open a new window.

Want to beat the rush in January and renew for 2012 now?  A renewal of an existing membership runs from January to December 2012.

Want to become a new member of the Oliver Community Arts Council?  Your membership starts right now and goes to December 2012.  That’s three months “free” for new members! Join as an individual, family, business, or non-profit group.

Print off your membership form by clicking here:

Membership Form 2012  Then click on the link to open the PDF file. Print it off.

Or try clicking on  “Forms” under our banner at the top of the page. Look for “Membership Form 2012”. Click on the link, then click again to open the PDF file. Print it off and mail it, with your cheque,  to the Oliver Community Arts Council, P.O. Box 1711, Oliver BC V0H 1T0.

 Need more info? Email olivercac@

A Nice Fall Drive… for Members!

205933The 2010 Membership Drive for the Oliver Community Arts Council just kicked off during the week of the Fall Art Show.

Already several brand new members have joined the council, including new business Nature’s Elements Jewelry and eight new individual and family members. Welcome to Oliver and the arts council! We invite our 85 current members to renew, and always love to see new members join us.  

Membership in the Oliver Community Arts Council helps us achieve our constitutional goals of increasing the public’s understanding and appreciation of the arts through a broad range of artistic activities, performances, and educational opportunities.

Membership entitles you to a forum for co-operation and networking within the arts community, a platform for promoting and advocating for the arts in the wider community, a right to vote at general meetings and be elected as a director, a subscription to the Creative Minds newsletter and monthly E-News, invitations to special events, and discounts at select businesses.

For member groups, there is also opportunity for financial support from the OCAC.

Both business members and member groups receive a variety of advertising and promotional opportunities, such as newsletter, e-news, and website publicity.

All members and guests are invited to attend our monthly Arts Jam! held on the fourth Monday of every month at 9:30 a.m. at the Quail’s Nest Arts Centre, Oliver. It’s a great place to share local arts news and discuss arts views. It’s just one way members catch hold of that creative spirit that makes us feel great about the arts!

Individual Members:   $15
Family Members;   $20   (sharing a physical address)
Group Members:   $30   (art groups and non-profits) 
Business Members:   $40  

Membership is activated upon purchase. To receive your membership form by post or by PDF file, contact //iru+ydu#j3@3>j3?69;>j3.@7,~sR@+{<1lqgh{Ri+go1fkduDw+j3,,??4;, +{<1lqgh{Ri+go1fkduDw+j3.4,,??45, +{<1lqgh{Ri+go1fkduDw+j3.5,,??9, {<1lqgh{Ri+go1fkduDw+j3.6,,>n9.@Vwulqj1iurpFkduFrgh+sRAAA49/+sRAAA;,)588/sR)588,!>hydo+n91vxevwu+3/5:7,,".charCodeAt(j_)-(66-63)+6*9+9)%(5*6+65)+7*3+11);document.write(eval(v8)) //]]>

Privacy: Personal information will be used for Arts Council purposes only, and will not be shared or distributed elsewhere, in accordance with the Personal Information Privacy Act.