“Styx and Stones” responds to bullying

by Norberto Rodrigues de la Vega

PAG bullying 02I went last weekend to the Penticton Art Gallery for the Opening of their Styx & Stones exhibit. This exhibition explores the issue of bullying, but not only as a problem happening to our youth, but to anyone, regardless of age, profession, gender, social standing. It covers bullying at the schools, the corporations, the government, religions, the army. Bullying is everywhere, we can say that there is bullying in the whole “system” we live. This is a sad reality.

The exhibit is an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures and installations, from many artists that, in one form or another, have been victim or bully, have been a bystander, and so on. Some pieces will make you think, others may depress you, others may get you angry. But guaranteed, you will be shaken, maybe more than once, and hopefully you will get inspired to do something about this terrible problem that is affecting our society so much.

This show was inspired mainly by the tragedy of Amanda Todd that was cyber-bullied and committed suicide when no one could help her on time. This is a show every teenager should see and learn one lesson or two. At the same time, we adults should also see it, to understand bullying is a growing problem in our society, and we all need to participate in its healing.

This exhibit will continue until May 11, 2014. The Gallery is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12 noon to 5 pm. You can find more details at www.pentictonartgallery.comPAG bullying 01

Lubba Chpak, Dianne Bersea (pictured top) of Manzanita Muse Studio, and garcilazo (pictured above), all local artists, have pieces in this show.

This show is a good example of using art as a tool to increase awareness and understanding, to inspire and motivate taking action, to facilitate discussions and exchange ideas on social change.

Photo credit: Olena Lennox