Something looks different, you say?

Today we are launching a new theme for the arts council’s website. We’re still the same blog with the same url (address), using the same WordPress publishing platform, and all the same content, just an updated layout. Here are some things you might notice:

* improved readability : larger text, cleaner background, and more noticeable menu headings

* changeable banner image. It’s so easy now! We can regularly feature new artwork, highlight current projects and events, pop in our quail logo, or surprise you with a photo ¬†Feel free to contribute something for the banner!

* Comments! Click on the new Comments “bubble” that pops up beside each article heading and turns green when you roll your cursor over it. Why not leave a comment on this article telling us what you think.

Patience! The layout is still being tweaked. Let us know what’s working for you and what isn’t.

Thank you to Jack Bennest (Oliver Daily News) for local guidance on switching to the new design, and to our web host The Friendly Computer Guy for backing us up to make sure we didn’t lose the whole site in the process!

7 thoughts on “Something looks different, you say?

  1. Not only informative about local “cultural” events regularly updated, but beautiful to look at. Thanks Penelope and Jack!

  2. VERY well done you 2!! Attractive, clean and crisp appearing. NICE!

  3. Love it! Love it! Love it!
    Love the colours. Love the clean bright look. Love the way it works on my cell phone. Great job, Jack and Penelope!!

  4. New plug-ins allow for colourful graphic icons and photo images in the right hand sidebar and at the bottom of the page. Pretty pretty!

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