SOAP holds auditions for 3-play season

auditionsAnnouncing the 2016-17 Theatrical Season

It has been SOAP’s wish to move to a three-show-per-year format for some time.  Maybe the Okanagan Zone Drama Festival made us feel invincible, or maybe we are just crazy, but ready or not, your daring board has approved an ambitious three-show season for 2016-17.  In addition, we endeavour to plan next year in advance, too.  The advantages to a season planned in advance are many, but the best reasons are that we can begin to advertise much sooner and seek sponsors for a season brochure.

After careful deliberation, the SOAP board has approved of the following series for 2016-17:

Boeing Boeing by Marc Camoletti (End October 2016) –  Directed by Nathan Linders

Don’t Dress For Dinner by Marc Camoletti (End January 2017)

Art by Yazmina Reza  (Beginning May 2017 and Okanagan Zone Festival) –  Directed by Trevor Leigh and Aimee Grice

Auditions for all three shows commence in June!  Please mark your calendars.  While we must cast Boeing Boeing now, if enough people show up we may be able to cast the rest.  As such, we are holding, at a minimum, two auditions each in Oliver and Osoyoos.  The dates are:

Oliver:  Thursday June 23rd : 6 pm – 9 pm

              Sunday June 26th : 12 noon to 3 pm

              Quails’ Nest Arts Centre

              5840 Airport Street, Oliver

Osoyoos:  Sunday June 26 6-9 pm

                  Tuesday June 6-9 pm.

                  Osoyoos Art Gallery

                  8713 Main Street, Osoyoos – West Side entrance

Both genders, all ages.  Bring friends!  A good turnout is better for the production!

This is also a call for volunteers for backstage roles.  There is room for everybody in every role behind the scenes.By the way, even if you don’t want to be onstage, you are still invited!  The readings are fun, and you might find something else you’d like to do for the production!

Tell a friend!  We are casting for a broad age range but we are particularly short on 20-40 something actors.  Also, we will be looking for a large male to have some fun portraying a figure of menace for the climax of one of our shows.

If you think you can pull off intimidating we have a part for that
If you think you can pull off 60s stewardess, we have a part for that
We’ve got great parts for cheating men, art lovers, a cheeky housekeeper, and more.  AS ALWAYS WE CONSIDER ALL EXPERIENCE LEVELS.

Some tips:

Ladies, work on your convincing French, German, and California accents (definitely an asset). Leading men may find a French accent an asset.
We can cast for most age groups as long as we can cast in groups of similar age so don’t stay home because of what I said above about 20-40 somethings.

Correct email and website:

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