Playing “joanna” at Firehall Brewery

“Crowd the Joanna” is a bit of Cockney rhyming slang. “Joanna” is a common rhyming slang substitute for “pianna”, i.e. “piano”. So “crowd the joanna” is slang for “gather round the piano”. In other words it’s a clue for a good musical time! or in the case of this Kelowna-based band, “a boot-stomping, whiskey-hollering hoe-down full of sea chanteys and drinking anrthems”.

Crowd the Joanna formed in Kelowna in 2012.

“…this band is a rock riot — their tone and brutal presence of Folk/Bluegrass inspired music is genius. Not only is it rowdy and celebrated, the band combines an easy listening tone with gritty punk roots.” – Jeff Stychin, Awesome Okanagan

“Best-darn root tootin’ foot stompers in the Okanagan Valley.” -Jim Reiner