Onstage antics in Lend Me a Tenor

Saunders (Ted Osborne, left, into phone): I`m sorry Julia, we have a bellhop on our hands who is not only rude but brainless.

Bellhop (David Badger, right, receiving small tip): That`s pathetic!LMAT 25

Julia (Louise Szalay, left): Now aren`t you ashamed of yourself, Tito…. Everyone downstairs at the opera reception is simply dying to meet you!

Tito (Nathan Linders, right): Who are you ….LMAT 21

Max (John Guiliano, discovering Tito the tenor is missing): Oh. My. GOD!!!

LMAT 20 Maggie (Tracey Granger):  Tito, before we go any further, I want you to know I`ve never done anything like this before. I want it to be everything I`ve ever dreamed of! LMAT 29

Tito (signing his autograph for Maggie): For me it is a pleasure, A privilege. And I`m a gonna make it a-very …  e-speciale. Just-a for-a you … uh …  Moggie. LMAT 30

Diana (Robin Stille, left, Tito`s operatic co-star): I`m sure it`s hard to make any lasting judgements, having done it with me only once. But would you say I was ….special … tonight. I can take it Tito, I`m a professional.

Tito: A pro … Oh my God… a professional!LMAT 26

Tito: Maria! Please! Take-a me home! Just get a-me outta here!

Maria (Carrie Lyle): Maria, she takes-a care. Carissimo.


SOAP presents

Ken Ludwig`s

Lend Me a Tenor

May 23 – 24  at OSS Theatre , Osoyoos

May 30 – 31 at Venables Theatre, Oliver

8 p.m. all performances

$18 Adult  $15 Seniors and Students

Tickets at Your Dollar Store with More (Osoyoos) and Sundance Video (Oliver). 

Photo Credit: Penelope Johnson