OCAC members elect new board

The Oliver Community Arts Council membership elected a new board on Monday February 17, 2020 at its Annual General Meeting. Several deserving nominees stood for the opportunity to serve on the board.

Leanne Scott, MOVE Therapies

Returning to the table as directors are: Roberta Barens, Tiffany Beckedorf, Adrienne Herbert, Bernice Myllyniemi, and Caroline Whyte. Joining them are the newly elected Leanne Scott (MOVE Therapies), and Bailley Rose Starkey (Gems and Stems at Eastside), filling the slate. The council thanked Janet Bednarczyk and Bev Penny for their willingness to stand. Both are active volunteers with the arts council, Bednarczyk as the chair of CreateAbility and member of the landscape committee, and Penny as a tireless volunteer with the Fall Art Show, Wine Capital Art Walk, and booth staffer at the WOW Trade Show.

Bailey Rose Starkey

Treasurer Diane Gludovatz presented the year-end financial statements, externally reviewed by Addventive Bookkeeping. The financial review noted exemplary records, concluding “the records are thorough and transparent. There is no long-term debt. Questions were answered promptly and thoroughly. Financial Statements (Balance Sheet and Income Statement) can be easily produced with the current procedures in place. Treasurer maintains a Chart of Accounts that is clear and logical. President and Treasurer have an excellent working rapport.”

The meeting concluded with a roundtable discussion of upcoming arts events.