New arts council Board has several new faces

The arts council elected its new board of directors  at its Annual General Meeting on Monday February 27.

Stepping down this term are directors  Marilyn Marsel, Leann Parrent, Steve Staresina, and Roger Ulasovetz. All were thanked for their many contributions to the board and to arts council projects.

Two executive officers, Jack Bennest and Shirley Corley-Rourke, are relinquishing their duties as treasurer and secretary respectively but have been re-elected as directors. Their presence on the board will provide continuity and support for new officers.

Returning as president of the arts council is Penelope Johnson. Esther Brown steps into the role of Vice President, from her previous position as director.  Two new members, Arleyene Farnworth and Diane Gludovatz, have been elected as treasurer and secretary.

Besides Bennest and Corley-Rourke, returning directors are Sally Franks, Brian Mapplebeck, and Jennifer Mapplebeck. They are joined by newcomers to the board Bernice Myllyniemi, Bob Parker, and Betty Lou Trimmer- Bahnsen, for a total of eight directors.

The new board has its first meeting on Wednesday March 21, wheren they will receive an orientation to the arts council and each choose a program or administrative committee to oversee.

Many members in attendance at the AGM remarked on the balanced composition of the board between new and returning directors, and on the expertise brought to the board table. As one member said in her endorsement, ” This board is made up of DO-ers!”

More “do-ers” are always needed to assist with organizing arts events,  repairs and projects at the Quail’s Nest Arts Centre, and administrative tasks.  Email OliverCAC @ to find out more about pitching in!


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