Merle Somerville’s McIntyre (Bluff)

We are delighted to welcome Merle to our gallery again with his ONE large 30″ x 60″ canvas of “McIntyre”, which is a legend in the Okanagan Valley and one of 4 ‘Must Sees’ on Trip Advisor.  It has been a multiple award winner both locally and

Internationally, Best in Show and People’s Choice.  If you have never seen McIntyre this is a stunning piece.

Merle has been photographing landscapes for over thirty years. His passion for finding the perfect image has led him to photographing more than one hundred British Columbia parks and over thirty parks in the United States. He has scouted and photographically documented locations in Australia, Central America, the Mediterranean and the South Pacific.

Highly educated and praised, Merle holds a Canadian Master’s in Photography as well as an American Master’s in Photography, one of only 15 Canadians to receive this coveted honour.  His many award winning sharp detailed images have been published extensively and exhibited.

Asking him what matters most for him in considering his artwork he says, “No greater reward exists for me than to produce a photograph that expresses my thoughts and emotions—and to have those felt and understood by someone else.”

Please join Merle on Saturday, September 30 and October 7, 2017 from 10am – 2pm