Masterworks doth invite early music fans



“We doth now invite”: Early music concert by Masterworks Ensemble

Masterworks Ensemble invites you to enjoy music from long ago at their early music concert series in Summerland, Penticton and Oliver in February.

The concert highlights music from the Renaissance to early Classical, performed by Tracy Fehr (lyric coloratura soprano), Elizabeth Lupton (violin), Dennis Nordlund (piano/organ), Olivia Walsh (cello), and Bob Park (classical guitar/lute).

“The lute was the king of European instruments from 1500 to 1750,” says Park, who will be playing a handcrafted replica of a lute built in 1592. The lute, with its distinctive bowl shape, angled tuning peg box and elaborately carved rose (sound hole) possesses a softer and more delicate sound than a guitar.

“The lute has a lyrical, almost wistful quality that compliments the Renaissance sensibility of love’s longing and unrequited love,” adds Fehr, who will be joining Park to perform a selection of songs by 16th Century composer, John Dowland. “The lute is a close cousin to the oud, an Arabic instrument that I have performed with during my recent tours in North Africa. I see such a connection between the two.”

The group is delighted to be joined by Walsh on the cello for many of the selections, including Handel, Vivaldi, Mozart and Bach. “It’s a new and beautiful addition to our sound,” adds Nordlund.

The Summerland concert will be held on Friday, Feb.5th (7 pm) at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church (9311 Prairie Valley Rd). Tickets are available at the church (250 494 3466) and at the door.

The Penticton concert will be held on Saturday, Feb.6th (7pm) at Concordia Lutheran Church (2800 South Main St.). Tickets will be sold at the door and at the Penticton and District Arts Council (Leir House: 220 Manor Park Ave).

The final concert will be held in Oliver on Sunday, Feb.7th at 3 p.m. at the Oliver Lutheran Centre (6431 Okanagan St.). Tickets at the door.

All concert tickets are $25, and $15 for students under 18 years of age.


Photo montage:

Masterworks Ensemble: Bob Park (lute), Dennis Nordlund, Tracy Fehr, Elizabeth Lupton (violin), and Olivia Walsh (cello) will be presenting an Early Music concert series, Feb.5-7th.