Landscaping continues at Quail’s Nest beginning April 22

Quail's Nest2

Contracted landscaping work will be occurring at the Quail’s Nest Arts Centre at 5840 Airport Street, beginning the week of April 22 – 26.

PJR Contracting Ltd. has been hired by the Oliver Community Arts Council to remove the chain link fencing and weed trees along the northern perimeter of the property and the remaining fence along the road on the eastern side north of the “Big Blue” Building. In addition they will also be placing, levelling and packing 3/4 crush gravel on the northern end of the property. This is a continuation of the landscaping project begun in the summer of 2012.

The arts council  anticipates that this work will be completed within a maximum of two weeks, weather permitting. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, especially in terms of noise or access. The council  anticipates the latter to be minimal, with work confined to a small area within the  property. Street parking is recommended during the day.

The fence and weed trees have been an ongoing maintenance issue at the arts centre, with the fence preventing removal of weed trees. The outcome will be a neater exterior with less weeding required  for the council and its northern neighbours.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, please contact the Oliver Community Arts Council at OliverCAC @

Thank you to our new Operations team of Betty Lou Trimmer Bahnsen and Bob Parker for their work on this project. Look for more projects later in the year, including painting the exterior of the smaller Studio Building, and some design elements added to the doors of both buildings.