Joyful art at CreateAbility

CreateAbility is an arts council program that offers monthly art workshops  to adults with special needs. Each session has 4 – 5 volunteer instructors and 10 – 20 clients with their care givers.  Most are local, some from as far away as Penticton, some in sheltered housing, some employed in sheltered work environments, all enjoying some creative energy! Every workshop has 3 – 5 different art stations with various media available, to keep everyone’s interest high.

We are always on the lookout for a variety of art instructors. The cost of supplies is reimbursed and instructors receive an honorarium. Mentorship is available for all new instructors. Request a visit, a tour, or a discussion with a member of the CreateAbility committee who will provide helpful guidance. A criminal record check is required to work with vulnerable adults, but the arts council provides a link to the form and there is no cost.  Contact OliverCAC @ 

The program is very rewarding and beneficial to clients , aides and instructors alike.. Here are what some clients and care aides have to say:

” My residents love coming to the program when it is offered and happily give up other activities they love in order to attend the program. This says a lot about how much they enjoy this program.”

“I feel so empowered; I feel like I can do things, like this is one place where I can be independent. I surprise myself with what I can do on my own. I did not think I would be able to do this.”

“I am so impressed with the wonderful instructors in the CreateAbility program. They give their time and expertise so willingly to both care staff and participants. They make us feel like we all can be artists; like we all have hidden talents. I love the variety of art work they present each
time. There is not much talking – just doing which I like.”

“I love the people. They are so friendly and nice. They make me feel
good. I like the aft too. I like that I can choose where to go. If I want to spend more tirne on one station I can. If I want to come back and do more in one place and skip another I can.”

“Many of my clients are unable to express verbally how they think or how they feel. The art work gives them a canvas to show their emotions – joy, anger, sadness, wonder. Their art work shows me a different side of them. I can see and feel what they are thinking about through their art.”

“I love the colors. Pink is my favorite color and the teachers always have lots of pink. There are different things to try and have fun with but my most fun thing is to make cards which I can send to my boyfriend or family.”

“As a support worker I seldom have any personal time. I love the fact that when I attend the CreateAbility sessions even though I am working I feel like I am doing something good for myself. It feels like fun for me and I leave feeling happy and encouraged.”

CreateAbility art cards are available for sale at Maker Place, 101 6272 Station Street, Oliver, BC. Tues – Fri 10 – 5 and Saturday 12 – 5. They cost $5.00/single card or $15.00 for 4. Proceeds go towards purchasing art supplies to maintain this program.

Thank you to Munday Media and Design for their support of the Art Card project!