Heritage Society receives special project funds

Maps and Plans pictureThe Oliver and District Heritage Society is proud to announce that they are the recipients of a Documentary Heritage Communities Program grant from Library and Archives Canada. The funding, $10,300, allowed staff to undertake a special four month project which began in late December 2016.

The funding will be used to properly archive and record almost 800 maps and plans that were donated to the Society as part of the South Okanagan Land Irrigation District fonds in 1997. A previous project provided for the proper storage and numbering of each item, this is the next and final step to completing this portion of the fonds. Each map/plan will be properly photographed and have a digital record created within our special artifact management software. These records will make accessing, copying and researching the material much easier.

Please come visit us to see how the project is progressing and learn more about the services of the Oliver Archives.


Photo: Some of the maps and plans that will be a part of this project.