Heat and Light – Captured on Canvas

How do you paint light? Heat? Dust motes? That dry dry desert air that makes everything so motionless? That heat and light that bleaches colour and blurs edges yet still makes everything look so clear?

We may not understand how he does it, but Robert E. Wood has the art of capturing the South Okanagan summer and distilling it into   18 x 24 inches.  

Born in Vancouver, Robert vacationed in the South Okanagan as a boy and still returns to this “home away from home” when he can to paint in one of his favourite plein air locations.  

Home is now Calgary, and Robert varies painting summer heat and light with painting Rocky Mountain snow and cold. Check out more of his work in two archives on his website here http://www.robertewood.ca/

And for something close to home, here’s Wood’s MacIntyre Bluff 

Meet Robert on Sunday September 4 and take a look at what he’s painting next! Besides Robert’s demo, there’s an exhibit and sale. Linger and listen to live entertainment or enjoy some refreshments. It’s a great way to celebrate the long weekend!