Fine fabrics take the breath away

Remarkable, breath-taking quilts are on display Friday April 11 and and Saturday April 12 at the Oliver Community Centre. Here is just a small sampling – and cannot ┬ádo justice to the colours, richness of the detail, dimensional elements, and tiny embellishments. See the bottom of the photo spread for the list of titles and fabric artists. Fontinha 1 Helgeson 1Fairbanks 1Crothers 1Chapman 1Cade 1Birnie 1Kirby 1Chapman 2




















1. Maria Fontinha: “Stars and Tulips”

2. Margaret Helgeson with her chair

3. Lorna Fairbanks: “Under the Ocean”

4. Yvonne Crothers: “Lone Sunflower”

5. Darlene Chapman: “Drawer Flotsam”

6. Marilyn Cade: “Poppies on a Picket Fence”

7. Dianne Birnie: “Bottles”

8. Kathie Kirby: “Love-Lies-Bleeding”

9. Darlene Chapman: “May”

Photo Credit: Penelope Johnson