Fall Art Show 2009: Winners All !

autumn-mask-by-damien-brazeauThis year the Fall Art Show attracted its largest number of entries, 103. Many entries were submitted by artists exploring relatively new media: painters working instead in collage (Ellen Tache Cote) , quilting (Kim Wanner), or 3-D (Leo Pedersen), and collage artists painting (Marion Trimble). Some of these entrants have excelled and won awards in their new media this year. Congratulations!

A number of participating artists are new to Oliver or the Oliver Community Arts Council: Donna McLean, pine needle basketry; Damien Brazeau, leatherworker; Roy McLean, lapidary artist. Not only are they new folks, they also had a successful art show, winning prizes and selling their creations. Welcome and well done!

All entries were for sale, and a good number were purchased, especially by visitors from Sunday’s Festival of the Grape. Not only did many winning entries sell, but other artwork found new homes. Emerging artist, 12 year old, Aria Janow, was the first to sell artwork, and both her entries sold on the first day: Autumn Sunset and Wolf with Autumn’s Moon. There were big smiles all round, from both artists and customers.

About 225 ballots were cast to vote for the following winners. Those marked with an asterisk were sold at the show.

Best Interpretation of the Theme (Autumn) : John Salsnek (Last Leaves*)

1. John Salsnek: Last Leaves*
2. Marion Trimble: Madden Walk (pictured at left)
3. Corinne Desampaio: Untitled

1. Merle Somerville: Autumn at Black Sage*
2. Merle Somerville: Autumn in Naramata
3. Diana McKinnon: Relic

New Media:
1. Ellen Cote (collage): Autumn Memories*
2. Thea Haubrich (encaustic art): Rhapsody in Purple
3. Marion Trimble (collage): Falling Leaves

1. Donna McLean (pine needle basketry): Nature’s Fallen Beauty* (pictured)
2. Donna McLean (pine needle basketry): Nature’s Masterpiece*
3. Damien Brazeau (leatherwork): Autumn Masks* (pictured)

Fibre Arts:
1. Kim Wanner (quilting): Snippets of Autumn*
2. Dianne Birnie (quilting): Pomegranates
3. Enid Baker (quilting): Drum Bridge at Ido

Emerging Artist (Special Recognition):
Aria Janow (painting): Autumn Leaves *

As Fall Art Show committee chair Sally Franks remarked, “All entries are winners in their own right”, deserving of recognition and praise. To complete and enter a work for public view and judging is an accomplishment. Bravo!catering-treats-from-the-mesa-hotel

P.S. The catering by The Mesa Hotel chef was an artistic creation in itself.

Photos by Val Friesen.