Enter to Win! Best Bloomin’ Garden Contest deadline extended

The arts council has extended the deadline to enter the Best Bloomin’ Garden Contest to Saturday June 18. Those of you who’ve had a slow start in the wet cold garden this year still have time to participate. If you are doing all the work of making your garden look beautiful this spring anyway, why not pick up an entry form and win a chance to get rewarded for all your hard labour? It’s a no-brainer!

The contest, held in conjunction with the Communities in Bloom project, is meant to motivate residential owners as well as commercial, industrial and municipal property managers to spruce up their outdoor space in time for Communities in Bloom judging this summer.   It’s a little friendly competition and a way to show your community spirit.

Entry forms are easy to fill out! An entry form for the contest is available right here: Best Bloomin’ Garden Contest 2011 Entry Form or pick one up at one of these local businesses: Future Gardens, Tru Value Hardware, Heather’s Threadz, Tussie Mussies, Sagebrush Nursery, and Riverside Nursery.

 Decide what category your “spruced up space” best  fits into. Pick one of:

** Residential Yard or Garden:  Only have time to do the front lawn? or the rock garden? You can choose just a section of your property to enter in the contest!

** Outdoor Living Area:  This might be a constructed deck, patio, water feature, or pool area. Don’t worry if the rest of your property is below par. Show off your outdoor reno!

** Xeriscaped Garden:  If you’ve used drought tolerant plants and materials, this category is just for you. Congratulations for thinking water-smart! 

** Commercial, Municipal or Industrial property: This category is for all non-residential entries. Planters, container gardens, landscaping and other attractive features to beautify your workplace all qualify.   

Email your entry form by June 18 to olivergardencontest @ hotmail.ca ,  or email olivercac @ gmail.com for other entry arrangements. And don’t worry — you can keep on beautifying up to the beginning of July when judging by the Oliver Heirloom Garden Club takes place.

The Best Bloomin’ Garden Contest is a Communities in Bloom project brought to you by the Oliver Community Arts Council, and supported by the Oliver Heirloom Garden Club.

Contest sponsors are OK Photo Lab, Future Gardens, Sherwood Trophies, Fortis BC, and Paw Prints Studio and Gallery (The Art of John Salsnek).

Come on, Oliver! Let’s get BLOOMIN’!