Elm Tree Farm Bed and Breakfast Supporting the Arts

Elm Tree Farm Bed and Breakfast hosts Tom Walsh and Hilary Drummond have been long time supporters of the arts in Oliver. Hilary is well-known locally for her house concert series. Singer-songwriters know well the warm hospitality and welcoming audiences they can expect at Elm Tree Farm.  The Bed and Breakfast is the newest business member of the Oliver Community Arts Council.

On Wednesday April 27, 2011 Elm Tree Farm hosts JT and the Clouds. Special price of $15.00 per ticket.  Concerts all start at 7:30. Contact 250-498-3094  or info @ elmtreefarmbandb.com to check ticket availability.

Here’ some snippets about this indie band: “JT and the Clouds come from Chicago; their music is Chicago music – rough edged, sad, hopeful, and shot through with soul. The music is alive to the ever-shifting tides of modern indie music, but remains steeped in the city’s fine traditions of soul, rhythm and blues.” and ” JT is not only a good song-smith, but is a good singer with a soulful voice. [Their music] is a nice mix of soul-pop, with a rhythm and blues revue feel, and a touch of the Rolling Stones. A tasty and pleasant surprise.”

Some of Ellm Tree Farm B&B’s amenities for guests:  Two bedrooms with private bathrooms. Shared living and kitchen area. One private suite with complete kitchen and living space. Hot tub, barbeques and decks. Beautiful idyllic setting on a farm (see photo). Outside recreation of volleyball, badminton and goodminton available.

As summer approaches and visitors from out of town expected, remember the arts-supporting bed and breakfast businesses. Sample Oliver’s fine hospitality! Check out the business links on our blogroll at right.