Contracted Service Agreement recipients announced

The Oliver Community Arts Council Board adjudicated seven applications for Contracted Service Agreements  (CSAs) at its June 20th Board meeting. CSAs are fee-for-service contracts which enable a registered charity like the arts council to disburse funds to programmes, events, and projects that  are in accord with its constitutional ,mandate.  The contract empowers  the recipient of funds to act as an arm of the charity.

The arts council received a record number of seven applications, each requesting the full $500 apiece for a total requested $3500. Our budget for 2012 was set at $2000, also a significant increase over previous years. Five of the seven applicants received funding, three of those at full funding, and two at partial funding. Besides the usual criteria of meritorious programming and demonstrated financial need, the arts council also took into consideration rewarding new applicants wherever merited.

Often the decision came down to whether the applicant included a detailed budget. The council has advised all applicants that this is a necessary part of the application, as we are held financially accountable to the CRA.

Congratulations to the following winning applicants :

* Sage Valley Voices Community Choir ~ Christmas Concert Series (December 2012)

* Friends of the Oliver Library ~ Children’s Event Programming (Summer 2013)

* Oliver Sagebrushers / Oliver Community Garden Society ~ Art and Gardening for Kids (July – August 2012)

* Double O Quilters ~ Catherine Nicholls Workshop (October 2012)

* South Okanagan Concert Society ~ 2012-13 Concert Series (October 2012 – March 2013)

In general, the Board rewarded applications that showed: public accessibility (e.g. low cost to the public, wide appeal or sector appeal such as children), public  participation (e.g. open houses, introductory skill level), sound fiscal and organizational planning,  as well as innovation and creativity (e.g. joint events, new learning).

The Board had a healthy debate over applications, and felt uniformly pleased with the process and the outcome. With the belief that competition makes us all aim higher and provide better arts programming to the public, we encourage lots of applications in 2013!   The OCAC will also attempt to make room in its 2013 budget to award more contracted services.  

Photo: file photo, Friends of the Olver Library “Nankama Drumming” Workshop

Photo Credit: Val Friesen

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