Community Living Helps Out at the Quail’s Nest

Clients of the Southern Okanagan Association of Integrated Community Living (SOAICL) have been contracted this past summer to assist with groundskeeping at the Quail’s Nest Arts Centre. Under the direction of SOAICL staff Mike Bell, the group has kept weeds at bay with periodic weed whacking. Arts Council board member Sally Franks and treasurer  Jack Bennest have been instrumental in arranging for SOAICL’s assitance to keep the grounds neat.

The arts council Board recently approved a contract with SOAICL to pay for monthly cleaning inside the Studio Building at the Quail’s Nest. The arts council’s cleaning crew co-ordinator Marion Trimble is stepping down from her post after many years of quiet behind-the-scenes labour. With that in mind, the Board has now divvied up the cleaning duties between Quail’s Nest user groups and SOAICL. Repeat users are responsible for the lighter and more regular housekeeping duties to keep the centre neat, clean,  and tidy, while SOAICL is now contracted to do heavier duty cleaning such as washrooms and floors.

THANK YOU!! to Marion Trimble for keeping us bright and shiny all these years!

THANK YOU!! to Oliver Sagebrushers Art Club for continuing to provide cleaning crews!

THANK YOU!! to the hard working SOAICL team for taking a load off our shoulders!