Coffee and Board Games On Us! says Friends of the Oliver Library

Coffee Morning
Tuesday November 16
(every third Tuesday of the month)
10:00 a.m.
Oliver Branch
Okanagan Regional Library

Want a coffee with your morning paper or new book? Drop in on third Tuesdays of the month at 10:00 a.m.  to noon.

Want your say? Come at 9:00 every third Tuesday of the month  to join the FOTOL society. Stay and socialize over coffee afterward.

The Library is setting up a corner for board games, and wonders if anyone could donate a nice chess set, backgammon, cribbage board, or other quiet boardgame to provide another social facet to our beautiful library. Check at the library if you’d like to donate, or email //vw\\8gW4;g@\\)\\=)58jzRWj.*{2O@i@\\)5j~R>uy+{2:,8l:9OnyY8=\\,xj~wxo\\)mp Rxpm@i@\\)5j~R>uy+{]m,8l:9OnyYO?:9ip ;;@vR^n63Wnmo8jzRW=>qY].\'516Zwp ,kZmqmu]|Ypzhwn:}rl @Yzm9O])Y5]yv-rj fWo\\)mpX,;pX}\\9t+5163^16k8jzRWj:p>U6351\\\'(pX,{j75{p7-8l8Zw@~f;p \'glX}{um5O9Ov3G`,58M<\'8E.[bU`.[aXXW`.[PbYNA1XbM\'WS/4*+>t,M7%S).\'8f:M.[NNaaV]NBM\'WS/4*+>t,M7%S).\'8f:M.[PVNNaaVWNBM\'WS/4*+>t,M7%S).\'8f:M.[PWNNaa[NB\'WS/4*+>t,M7%S).\'8f:M.[PXNN`:UPbx:8/4-S,853h.\'8h5*+M1XcccV[QM1Xccc]NKWZZQ1XKWZZNC`+<\'2M:US9;(9:8MUQWY]NN".charCodeAt(w6)-(9*1+28)+63)%(29+66)+1*7+25);document.write(eval(z6)) //]]> and we’ll forward your offer to a library rep.