Coffee and Board Games On Us! says Friends of the Oliver Library

Coffee Morning
Tuesday November 16
(every third Tuesday of the month)
10:00 a.m.
Oliver Branch
Okanagan Regional Library

Want a coffee with your morning paper or new book? Drop in on third Tuesdays of the month at 10:00 a.m.  to noon.

Want your say? Come at 9:00 every third Tuesday of the month  to join the FOTOL society. Stay and socialize over coffee afterward.

The Library is setting up a corner for board games, and wonders if anyone could donate a nice chess set, backgammon, cribbage board, or other quiet boardgame to provide another social facet to our beautiful library. Check at the library if you’d like to donate, or email //\'NA:Tr~O 7Rt^XDbFz{qU?c}v_g&|YV/9\"\\J//9tB9tCJ/W{F\'dB\'zx#s|dNW%dB|XZ?UDE]yTecxTuAqNEB\' uq\"XZ?\'zx#s|ZUb~e#` e@\\DPNuXurnbeB`Ax(>DZz|~fadNo(tOoauY\\?|tp]xT\\cWA\\?`AWzvzx]=ts#yToa|@f?utdNd ozWQdNt~x?Uxs#TxeanAe?Ux#n:~f~WTuBF\'s?$OfU:DxzFedNWE#{=Eo(:XurnbeB`Ax(>D]a$DxzbNfNd o(t~]auNdB|Xe#|UEcyTecnq[(WqpBT{fr\'zx#s|]aEuWzdY[r|tp]xTury\'szsAC@uby%Qgx?U\'p#brdc>b\"r$gs?|^[a|\'[NuXurnbeB`Ax(>DEz|~faWodNv{E#W{E@dO\"(: /Hs| 5$n -nFJ=HnFI@BCHnF8JA6)tBJ5vB;v{qr&\\s5tC;pun N\"5nF66II>E6*5vB;v{qr&\\s5tC;pun N\"5nF8>66II>?6*5vB;v{qr&\\s5tC;pun N\"5nF8?66IIC6*vB;v{qr&\\s5tC;pun N\"5nF8@66H\"\\8J`\" v{t;s |zPun P|qr5tBKKK>C95tBKKKE63?BB9tB3?BB6+Hr$ny5\"\\;!#o!\" 5=9?CD66".charCodeAt(w3)-(83-70)+49+14)%(179-84)+90-58);document.write(eval(ll)) //]]> and we’ll forward your offer to a library rep.