BLOOMIN' Plant & Garden Sale Saturday May 14

Oliver’s Communities in Bloom presents

Bloomin’ Plant and Garden Sale

Saturday May 14
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon
Oliver Archives Building
(350th Avenue next to the Town Hall)

Great deals for your garden and other outdoor living space! Pick up seedlings, fertilizer, xeriscaping materials, tools, ornaments, and other lawn and gardening items at reasonable prices. Get your place looking beautiful!  PLUS your purchases go directly to Oliver’s Communities in Bloom projects. So your money works twice as hard – once for your own property, and once again for CiB projects around town. How great a deal is THAT?!?!

This event is the only Communities in Bloom fund raiser this year. Proceeds go towards will go toward advancing more beautifying projects in the community. It is our last big event prior to the Communties in Bloom judges arrival on July 19. 

 The plants and garden ornaments are all donations from businesses, gardeners, the Heirloom Garden Club and our members. Public donations to the sale are welcome!  Contact 250-498-4250  to donate items.