Auditions for women who like to sing

The hilarious, wacky and unpredictable antics of the Little Sisters of Hoboken will be returning this fall when the South Okanagan Amateur Players (SOAP) present Dan Goggin’s musical Nunset Boulevard.

SOAP presented the original Nunsense musical in 1998. Nunset Boulevard is the sixth in the series, although each stands on its own in terms of plot. This time, the five singing nuns are heading to Tinseltown. They are thrilled at the prospect of performing at the Hollywood Bowl until they discover they are booked into the Hollywood Bowl-A-Rama, not the famous “Bowl!” But when they hear that a big-time producer is auditioning people for a new movie musical about the life of Dolores Hart, the famous movie star who became a nun, their spirits soar! Could this be their big break?

Veteran SOAP director Ray Turner, who directed the original Nunsense in 1998, returns to direct a brand new cast. SOSS music teacher Lisa Ante will be the musical director.

The production will run the last two weekends of November but auditions are being held now to allow the selected cast members to become familiar with their roles and songs.

The cast consists of:

Rev. Mother Mary Regina is an Irish nun — a Sophie Tucker type. She was born into a circus family of tightrope walkers and was a tightrope walker herself. She entered the convent honouring a promise she made to the Lord when she saved her parents from drowning. Vocally, she needs to be a belter. (i.e. a powerful voice)

Sister Mary Hubert is the Mistress of Novices. She was born in New Jersey and wanted to be a nun all her life. She is constantly getting Reverend Mother out of predicaments and feels she should really be Mother Superior. She is something like a Drill Instructor, claiming her methods are “gentle but firm”. She needs to be a strong singer as she does the big gospel finale.

Sister Robert Anne, a streetwise nun from Brooklyn, New York. She is tough as nails but has a sentimental side. The students love her because she “speaks their language” She spent part of her childhood in reform school and later had to decide between the convent and show business. With this show she might just be able to have it all. Vocally, she needs to have a wide range and be a strong belter with a good head voice for ballads.

Sister Mary Amnesia is an endearing nun, a Goldie Hawn-Gracie Allen type) who can’t remember who she is because a crucifix felon her head. She is constantly causing problems through her naïve take on life. She has a puppet named Sister Mary Annette who is very risqué. Vocally, she needs to be a legitimate soprano but with a workable belt range.

Sister Mary Leo is a dancer and wants to dedicate her life to God as the first nun ballerina. Reverend Mother insists on the traditional habit and will not let her wear a tutu. This is a course of endless frustration for her. She is young and has a lot to learn. She needs to be a good singer, leaning toward legit and less belting.

Auditions will be held on Monday, June 9 in the boardroom above the Osoyoos Art Gallery on Main Street in Osoyoos and on Wednesday, June 11 in the studio building of the Quail’s Nest Arts Centre in Oliver. Both begin at 7 pm. Those interested in auditioning are asked to be bring two selections to sing, one acapella and one accompanied. They will also be asked to do a reading from the play.

More information can be obtained by e-mailing soap @ or visiting