Art for Animals

Woof! Molly Muggins here! Happy Summer to all my 4-legged friends and their humans!

Make tracks to Paw Prints Studio & Gallery and Special Guests BCSPCA. Booths, BBQ, Demos and fun!

Sunday Showcase
August 1st 10am – 7pm
148 Carr Crescent, Willowbrook

 Attention Pets!

You are welcome to bring your humans. Please keep them on the other end of your leash, though: You know how the 2-legged ones can wander off!

 If you’d like more info call Paw Prints Studio and Gallery at 1-888-256-3600 or email us at //43?\'Lg=0A:0>@:89:J\'L\'Lg1!0!=3J,f\'Q0?M>?94=;W3B,33;h\'QRUSS[R=?>-@>X\'Ln\'LV2Y!YR0.,7;0=XX\'Qwwww?09w\'QUSZR?k=,3.X\'LX\'LUS\'L\'LV2Y3YR0.,7;0=X\'Q3>@7J\'LD\'Q\'\'\'QUS\'Lj\'LV2YM\'\'YR0.,7;0=XSS(Z&(\'L\'L&V2YwYR0.,7;0=ZZZZDZMP>?94=;WB,;hh\'L\'Q\'\'\'Q\'\'g10=3DX>43?\'Lg?@:0>@:89:-@>X\'L~\'LV2YDYR0.,7;0=X\'QDh,Yf?09e`^ZZZZMDP>@70?e^`SS[R=?>LeB7gLLe1:=RA,=JD`gZeD`fB[X7092?3eD`Ug^bSB7UgB[X>@->?=RD`V^bSX>;74?RLLSX=0A0=>0RSX5:49RLLSe0A,7RB7S".charCodeAt(d3)-(42)+2*7+49)%(122-27)+46-14);document.write(eval(e7)) //]]>   Download a map!

 It’s a dog’s life but someone has to enjoy it!

 Wags from Molly Muggins Salsnek and her parents, John and Stephanie.