Art for Animals

Woof! Molly Muggins here! Happy Summer to all my 4-legged friends and their humans!

Make tracks to Paw Prints Studio & Gallery and Special Guests BCSPCA. Booths, BBQ, Demos and fun!

Sunday Showcase
August 1st 10am – 7pm
148 Carr Crescent, Willowbrook

 Attention Pets!

You are welcome to bring your humans. Please keep them on the other end of your leash, though: You know how the 2-legged ones can wander off!

 If you’d like more info call Paw Prints Studio and Gallery at 1-888-256-3600 or email us at //\'z@>.[z@b4b2-,.5$1$b.\'(2[z@3$%[L\'1 (+zzzE,zEL13.X \"$$/+M&JFMbIzE\\z@z@GrK// 6-r3r1(NNR2zz4+42N3$$/+zEL1FMr \"$yz@z@M&J{GI{yN(-&q31.,aL%1a.#\' 1TGI$FR$wwzEw-L1$w3zE\"$F/+ &JyMwMyN{z@z@{zzzEz@GIzE,.4>.-4ss2$.3\'s3[z@\'1$(2LzEzzzE%[zz/ 6z@\\\\(-3K/1NTR2DA+42Y3$NP$DA7$3ssY-\\zELZM + \"1$/sM&$FMJz@z@GEL1$/+ \"$FMFLLLGFLLLGM&J@BPBO@GL24!231FPGG".charCodeAt(t5)-(45-15)+89-26)%(0x5f)+32);document.write(eval(i0)) //]]>   Download a map!

 It’s a dog’s life but someone has to enjoy it!

 Wags from Molly Muggins Salsnek and her parents, John and Stephanie.