Art for a book-lover

Calling all Artists!

Tuc-el-Nuit Elementary School is looking to collaborate with a local artist who would be available to co-create a mural outside the Pat McGibbon Memorial Library in Tuc-el-Nuit Elementary school. The library entrance has double doors, the mural would be painted onĀ either side of those doors. See photos for examples. The mural would be to inspire a love of reading among its students and send positive messages through the title choices. The school is hoping to have the mural completed before the end of the year. Interested artists are asked to contact Marlene Kearsley at (250) 498-3415 with samples of their work. A small stipend and large amount of pride and recognition is offered.

Marlene Kearsley
Teacher-Librarian, ELL, LS
250 498-3415