a week of Arts and Culture


a word from the Assembly of BC Arts Councils

We are happy to announce that the funding for Arts and Culture Week 2010 has been approved by BC Arts Council. Once again the Assembly and ArtStarts in Schools will be able to provide support for events in schools and communities around the province.

In the meantime, the Assembly is encouraging everyone involved with community arts — arts councils, performance companies, schools, galleries, municipalities — EVERYONE! — to ask, “What are we doing for Arts and Culture Week?

In spite of the current difficulties around arts funding, Arts and Culture Week, always held the third week of April, is still an opportunity to celebrate the richness of community arts in BC. It is an opportunity to explore ways to celebrate in spite of widespread funding cuts. Plan low-cost activities — displays and public workshops in parks and other public places, spontaneous and random “acts of art”, and joint activities with other groups in your community. Art doesn’t have to be expensive — creativity is more important to success!

Don’t forget to think about who else in your community could benefit from an arts activity. Ask a seniors’ home if your performance artists can put on a show for them. Work with schools to produce an exhibit of children’s art. Talk with an environmental group about demonstrations of art from recycled materials, help them develop signage for wildlife refuges, community forests, etc. Ask the First Nation whose territory you share to teach a class in drumming, carving, beading, or another arts and cultural activity for your members and the public. If your community has another significant minority, ask them to get involved — your community will be enriched by the larger variety of events — and so will your organization!

Remember that Arts and Culture Week is about celebrating community through arts and culture.