Eby photographs featured for October at Oliver Art Gallery

The Oliver Art Gallery Cooperative is pleased to announce the featured artist for the month of October, well known local photographer and businessman Paul Eby.

Paul’s interest in photography began at the age of 19 while working for a small photo finishing business in Ontario. The more he learned in this position, the more his thirst for knowledge grew. It wasn’t long until the dream of making photography a profession became a burning desire.

In 1981, Paul, his wife Barbara and their young daughter moved to the Okanagan, a place he had visited as a teen but always yearned to return to. They eventually settled in Oliver and soon started a part-time freelance photography business called “Living Photographic”. Although this was a step in the direction of his dream it wasn’t until 1987 that Paul and his wife, with the support of their two children, opened a complete retail photography storefront “OK Photo Lab” which is still a thriving business in downtown Oliver today.

In the past thirty years, Paul’s insatiable desire to explore the local surroundings and capture the beauty of the valley photographically has helped him to produce some of the most stunning images this area has to offer. A number of his images have appeared in publications such as West Jet’s in flight magazine “Up”, “Okanagan Business”, “Wine Access”, “Wine Trails”, “Wineries Refined”, etc.

Recently, Paul has had the opportunity to travel and explore other parts of the world and capture its wonders in photos. This has allowed him to expand his portfolio and offer his clients more choices of his photographic art. Paul is continually looking and searching out new photographic opportunities and is rarely seen abroad in the Okanagan valley without his camera at hand.

Paul Eby has been an Associate member of the Oliver Art Gallery Cooperative since shortly after its inception and is the first Associate member to be a Featured Artist of the gallery.

Come and see Paul’s work at the Gallery, at 6046 Main Street, Oliver, Tuesday – Saturday between 11:00AM and 4:00PM, or meet Paul in person, at a small reception on Friday, October 12 between 5:00PM and 7:00PM

Coming up in November, Dave Nicholas, a well known artist and school teacher in the Oliver area will be Featured Artist. Dave is known for his watercolour paintings of local scenes.

The Oliver Art Gallery Cooperative will be teaching Art Classes, by some of its professional Artists, starting in October. Watch for advertisement, or drop by the gallery for registration information.

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