SOAP Theatre sets stage for O-Zone Festival

SOAP Theatre’s finale for the 2018-19 season is Lawrence & Holloman by Canadian playwright Morris Panych, staged at the Venables Theatre April 26 – May 4. It is also their entry into the Okanagan Zone (:”O-Zone”) Festival (May 17 – 25, in Salmon Arm).

Lawrence & Holloman is the dark and twisted story of a cynical and suicidal accounting clerk (Holloman) who gets taken under the wing of a happy-go-lucky, ever-optimistic suit salesman (Lawrence).

​Lawrence the optimist tries to teach Holloman the pessimist how to live happily and remain positive, until his own good luck starts to turn… Lawrence’s fiance dumps him, his car is demolished, his dog goes missing, he loses his job, and his apartment is burned to the ground… and that’s just the beginning!

Cast & Characters


Vance Potter plays LAWRENCE, the overly-optimistic, self-absorbed suit salesman who is simply blind to or in denial of anything that can go wrong.


Jim Dinwoodie plays HOLLOMAN, the cynical accounting clerk that can only take so much of Lawrence’s cheery optimism before taking matters into his own hands.


Lisa GLudovatz plays AN, who precedes D in name only. She is a Jill-of-all-trades, and has a talent with crayons and noise-making devices.


Diane Gludovatz plays D, who has a knack for showing up unexpectedly and making strange, thought-provoking sounds.

Is happiness determined by our outlook on life? Or can our destiny be changed… by another?
​”The dramatic universe of… Morris Panych is an exquisitely well ordered place. Genuinely funny… smart… carefully crafted… and neatly delivered.” — Globe & Mail