First concert, four hands

On Friday, November 10th the South Okanagan Concert Society will stage electrifying duets when Matt Herskowitz and John Roney, each on separate grand pianos, duel with each other as they incorporate  jazz and world beat influences into classical masterpieces.   Recognized internationally for their daring integration of jazz and classical music, they call their performance “Classics with a Jazzy Touch”.   It will be held in the beautiful new Venables Theatre in Oliver at 7:30 pm.

Tickets for this crowd pleasing event can be obtained online or at the theatre box office on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 10 and 3 pm.  All four concerts of the season, bought in advance, cost $19 each.  Any 2 or 3 tickets in advance are $21/ticket.   A single ticket in advance is $23 and a single ticket at the door is $25.   Children and Youth can come and explore their wide ranging tastes and interests for only $2.50!

Matt and John are internationally recognized pianists who arrived at the intersection of two musical styles from opposing directions:  Matt came to jazz via a  classical background having studied at classical conservatories including the Juilliard School and learned jazz on the streets.  John came to classical via jazz.  He studied at jazz conservatories including McGill, Berklee and the Henry Mancini Institute and learned classical on the streets!  In addition to being pianists, both were experienced composers and arrangers and brought developed ‘voice’ to the due.   As Piano Cameleons, their combined talents have created a unique ensemble in its virtuosity and artistic vision.   They manage to truly balance a classic sensibility with the freedom of jazz improvisation.

Blessed with total technical command, each pianist is capable of remarkable keyboard prowess.  Every concert is like an emotional rollercoaster that can soar from quiet pools to ecstatic peaks of intensity in one magnificent ride.  These partners are in total synch with each other and provide a visual treat in the very way they exchange glances, cueing in each new twist with a twinkle in the eye.

You can hear their individual styles in the performances.  They speak of their own distinct harmonic, melodic and rhythmic language yet they love to blend and compliment each other.  The process is exciting especially as they leave space in the midst of their arrangements to improvise and exchange original ideas ‘on the fly’.

Expect a stimulating evening of sensational music with well known pieces, heard as if for the first time, in a new context.    November can be a bleak month.   This concert promises to be anything but bleak!   Come and treat yourself!!

The Oliver Handbell Ringers will perform in the theatre foyer prior to the concert (6:45 to 7:15).    Look for more information on this talented local group.