Take 5 International presents
The Lonely Hearts Tour

Tuesday November 15

7:00 p.m.

Frank Venables Theatre
Special Guest Performances by Laura & Jessie Sawyers

Silent Auction

The Gumbo Square Band consists of musicians who have come together from all over the world. The musical genre is connected to jazz but with an electro touch. The R&B and soul roots are very present, which gives it an unexpected contrast to the melodies. This “Musical Gumbo” will take you into a timeless journey where you will rediscover jazz through a musical kaleidoscope. The Gumbo Square Band’s commitment to a better world is a major concern. This is why the band has very generously agreed to perform their music for a fund raising event for the Lonely Hearts Foundation.

The Lonely Hearts Foundation is presenting a free concert as a benefit for the homeless, with the Gumbo Square Band and friends. Cash donations are welcome.